What was your favourite Christmas present?

I hope you are having a peaceful and enjoyable festive season. In the Cheshire countryside where I have been visiting my parents since Saturday it has been raining almost constantly so we have spent a lot of time indoors. I have been enjoying sitting in front of the open fire, exploring my Christmas gifts and catching up with friends. My favourite gift this year was a London Sewing Basket from my grandparents which is from Hobbycraft.

London Sewing Basket

I have wanted a sewing basket for a while now as my growing collection of threads and buttons was spilling out of the old cosmetic bag I was using as a sewing bag.

I saw this Hobbycraft design online and when my grandparents asked what I would like for Christmas, I was happy to point them in the direction!

I look forward to using the basket once I get home to Oxford in the New Year. Please do share with me any arts and crafts gifts you may have received this Christmas. I always love hearing new ideas!


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