Have Sash Windows Stood The Test Of Time?

There is no denying that sash windows will always add a touch of class to any home: but is this a case of style over substance, or do these windows deliver the goods when it comes to performance?
Sash windows

A style for the ages

The history books tell us that the first sash windows came into being at some point during the 17th Century, where they started to surface across England, The Netherlands and France as a hot new style that would bring an elegant touch to the grand properties that were being constructed throughout Europe at the time;

Later, the sash window style would become synonymous with Georgian and Victorian grandeur, with everything from smart townhouses to stately homes sporting this popular design.

Still as popular as ever, Sash Windows are a perfect choice if you are looking for a timeless, classical feature that will serve to enhance your property for years to come.

Why choose sash windows?

It looks like our Georgian-era ancestors were really onto something when it comes to window design – but have sash windows stood the test of time?

  • Good looks: Sash windows add an instant touch of timeless beauty to any home, from period property to modern builds; the appearance of this style is perhaps at its finest when a traditional timber construction is employed.
  • Robust construction: The fact that so many properties around the country still have original sash windows in place is testament to the remarkable durability of this style: by design, sash window frames resist rot, which can plague other, more exposed designs; And, when traditional timber construction is combined with modern glazing technology, you can expect a new set of well-made sash windows to last you a very long time indeed!
  • Ventilation: The vertical sliding action of traditional sash windows means that they don’t need to swing indoors or outdoors, making them a practical choice; Other styles of window can sometimes face problems when they need to be opened up: some types of inward-opening windows may meet obstructions that don’t allow them to open completely, whilst the elements can end up damaging outward-swinging windows when they are opened on a stormy or damp day.  Sash windows can be opened fully on hot days to help regulate the temperature indoors, or a small gap can be opened to ventilate a property on cold, rainy days, without running the risk of exposing the inner workings of the window to the elements.
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One thought on “Have Sash Windows Stood The Test Of Time?

  1. I love sash windows, especially when they have a colonial feel with small rounded window awnings. I see plenty of older homes and businesses with sash windows and awnings help them look fresh, new and still historical. Great article, thanks!

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