Wallpaper frenzy: my favourite designs of the season

Regular readers of artsandcraftlove will know that I love both the style of the English Arts and Crafts Movement and Laura Ashley (mainly for it’s production of designs in A & C style, but also because I loved the beautiful floral dresses my mother used to buy me from Laura Ashley when I was a child.) I’ve blogged before about my much loved Lockwood curtains, and now I’ve selected my favourite wallpaper designs from this season to share with you.

I’m particularly interested in bird designs at the moment. I’m not sure where this interest has come from but I was excited to see that Laura Ashley’s collection has incorporated bird designs in many of it’s prints. My favourite of the season has to be the delicate ‘Summer Palace’ print seen above. It comes in a range of colour combinations and showcases the natural world in all it’s beauty.

I particularly love the duck egg colour combination as the flora seem to ‘pop-out’ of the design against the beautiful chalky blue background.  For a more subtle look, the taupe/ivory combination below works well and would work well in a light and airy bedroom.

The one thing I would like it for Laura Ashley to provide a little more information about the  background of the design, the colour combinations and where they take inspiration from.
This hit me particularly when I saw this design, which is called Tatton Teal Damask. Now I presumed that this had something to do with the design being a copy or being being inspired by the interiors of the mansion house at Tatton Park, which I visited at Christmas and talked about in this earlier post. I googled it to see if I could find any further inspiration on the matter but to no avail. So if anyone can help me out with information on this matter, please get in touch. Okay, enough free promotion for one of my favourite shops!

I’ve got an interesting article on street artist Banksy coming later this week so stay tuned!


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