Predicting The Future Trends Of Interior Design

If you are thinking about decorating your home in the near future, it is worth thinking about the up and coming interior design trends. The last thing you want is to spend hours of your time searching for the perfect design features to stay in line with the latest trends, for the trends to change in a matter of a few weeks.

Stay on top of the up and coming interior design trends and become a fashionista in your own home.
Yelloow doors

Yellow Is On The Scene

The colour yellow has always been a bit of a hit or miss subject in the home, with bright yellows often being too bright and soft yellows just giving off the resemblance of an off-coloured cream. However, in the upcoming years, yellow is expected to become a big part of our homes and lives.

Some designers are stating that the colour yellow is going to even be the ‘new pink’. Do not be afraid to experiment with this stunning colour in the home, it will add to the liveliness and vibrancy – making you feel more alive in your own home.

More Patterns, The Better

Patterns are making a big comeback in the next few years. So the patterns do not become too ‘overcrowded’, they should be placed on to a simple white background. The white background will make it easier for you to use a number of different patterns in one place.

Do not be afraid to experiment and clash bold colours with vintage prints and big florals in the next couple of years. There are many different ways you can interpret this trend into your home, this can be through canvases, curtains, cushions, photos and prints.


The home usually resembles a woman’s touch and taste, however as men are spending just as much time in the home it should also reflect their style and needs. Paul Smith is a major name when it comes to male dominance design tips in the house, implementing suit fabrics into upholstery and other types of furniture.

Use your imagination when designing your home and you may be surprised when you come up with your very own trends and styles.


Vintage roomAs we have already featured a lot of different style trends and crazes, it is also important to point out that you should keep the entire look smooth and sleek. You should not use too many patterns, styles and trends in one place or else the room you are designing can just end up looking cluttered and unorganised.

Use plain flooring that can be easily replaced such as vinyl flooring in the lounge and vinyl tiles in the kitchen. Vinyl is expected to be a big hit within the homes over the next few years as it is one of the most affordable types of flooring, making it easier and cheaper to replace when needed.

Kerry is an up and coming fashion designer and likes to share advice with others when it comes to styling the home.

Image credits: Yellow Doors

Country Vintage


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