Interior Decorator Mo Hussaine In Conversation With Decor Writer Zachary

Today on artsandcraft love we feature an interview with Mo Hussaine, a well renowned interior decorator.

Hello Hussaine, it is a pleasure having you talk to our readers. Could you tell us what you made plan on becoming an interior designer?
Well, thanks a lot for giving me this opportunity for connecting with your readers. From a very young age, I was fascinated by the interiors of homes I used to visit. Sitting on those large sofas, staring away at the huge grandfather clocks, and admiring the wall colour and design was my favourite past time. Slowly, I began reading books and watching television programmes on home decor channels. After graduating from college, I worked as an apprentice a living room in a furniture store and quickly learnt the art of selling furniture.

Please share some fond memories of your times spent at this store.
Well, after a while I found myself actually advising buyers on what they should buy for which part of their house. I used to read up interior design magazines at night enhance my knowledge. Slowly, customer starting trusting my suggestions and used to just buy what I recommended. Then, I felt that I needed more exposure on the different kinds of furniture used across the house, and not just living room .furniture. So I joined an interior design firm and was soon promoted to a managerial position. I started independently servicing high net worth clients who had specific demands in decorating their lavish homes.

Wow, that must have been some experience. Now that you are independent, has it made any difference in the way your customers treat you?
After spending close to three years with this firm, I decided to become an independent interior design consultant. Having a ready set of clients helped a lot, as they had been interacting directly with me and taking my advice, so it really made no difference to them. From the beginning, I have believe in building strong professionally personal relationships with customers, whether at the furniture shop or at the interior design company. This is what helped me the most when I started out on my own.

I now come to the question every reader is waiting for, what advice and suggestion do you have for readers who plan to decorate their home?
Well, I have always believed that your home is really a reflection of who you are, and how you want the world to perceive you. Your taste in everything, including your home decor, will then reflect accordingly. Your home decor should reflect your personality. You should feel refreshed every time you step into it and move around. The furniture, the colour, the knick knacks, the glass decor, every inch should be something in which you see a bit of yourself. That’s on the philosophical level. On the ground level, the first thing you should study is how much open space you currently have in your house, and what is your comfortable level of open space which will be left after your furniture moves in. Roughly, in every room, you should maintain a ratio of 60% occupied space to 40% open space. It gives you a spacious feeling and at the same time allows for easy movement.

Could you please give our readers some buying tips?
In today’s time, people who want to decorate their homes should visit online multi-brand stores for the widest collection of interior design stuff for every room of the house. Along with the variety, they will also get the best bargains in terms of price discounts and pre-sales telephone consultancy support. With online shopping now being absolutely safe, and the no questions asked return policy of almost all online stores, this is clearly the most comfortable and cost efficient way for searching and buying interior furniture and getting it delivered right at your doorstep, without moving out of your house.

Thanks you so much Hussaine for giving our readers extremely valuable advice on how they should go about decorating their house.
I too am thankful to you for providing me with an opportunity for doing so.

Zach is a blogger and writes for QS Tap Store, the on-line store for designer bathroom brasswares. You can interact with QS Supplies on twitter @qssupplies

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