Your Gardening Checklist For Spring

Following on from yesterday’s top vegetable gardening tips, here is your comprehensive gardening checklist for the spring season courtesy of Becky. Happy Gardening!

The clocks have gone forward and the days are lighter for longer. It can only mean one thing… Spring has sprung.

As you clear your wardrobe and your skirts and sandals start to see the light of day, so does your garden. Gardens start to wake up from their winter slumber around April time and that is when you need to being with your prepping, pruning and planting.


Following winter, you will need to remove any remaining mulch or, if it is well composted, work it into the top layer of the soil. In order to stimulate plant growth, try working in some well-rotted manure and some leaf mould.

Check for any signs of growth in plants to monitor their progress.

Spring is also a very good time to check your garden for any repairs that may need doing – you could check if there are any repairs required on your decking or patio. Spring is the best time to do this because it will be ready in time for summer and the weather is nice enough to work outside.

It is time to stop feeding the birds, so take down and clean bird feeders and store them away until it is time to get them out again in autumn.

It is best to start pruning at the beginning of spring when buds have not yet started to break into bloom, otherwise you may stress the tree and only be left with a tiny crop, or maybe none at all.

If you didn’t prune very much during the winter months, then now is the time to do it. Trim any fruit trees and remove deadhead bulbs from flowers blossoming in the spring, thin out branches that are too thick to give older plants a new lease of life.

If you see weeds in your garden beds, pull them now! It will be easier to pull them out now, as the roots are shallow.


Certain vegetables, known as ‘cool’ vegetables, won’t just survive the shorter days and cooler temperatures, but actually thrive during this time – vegetables like kale actually develop a better taste when grown in cooler months. Other cool vegetables include cabbage, lettuce, broccoli, collards and snow peas.

If there is one thing that every good gardener always needs, it is more beds. Therefore, get shopping and get building a variety of beds in your garden to grow all types of beautiful plants.

Becky loves looking after her garden, especially when the Spring weather appears. She often buys garden ware from


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