Make The Most Of A Small Space

The majority of us have too much stuff and not enough room, which leads to cupboards and drawers being stuffed to the brim and barely any room to move around.

Around 95% of Brits admit to hoarding in some way or another – we are a nation that holds on to things out of comfort, even if they are no longer useful to us. In a family home, however, you cannot afford to have clutter, for both your children’s safety and for your sanity.

I have put together some clever storage tips to maximise the space and look of your home.

Seat StorageStore upwards, not sideways

When you look at the layout of the furniture in a standard-sized house, the majority of the unused space is above or below the furniture. Consider purchasing taller storage units, like floor-to-ceiling book cases and shelving. Taller storage units mean that you will have more floor space and can look quirky. Taller wardrobes with sliding doors are great solutions to save space and don’t forget about all that room under your bed. Get creative on your space-saving mission by hanging long shoe racks on the back of wardrobe doors and invest in some nicely designed storage boxes that could be used as part of your interior design.

Divide and conquer

The upper part of a kitchen is rarely used and a huge waste of space because the majority of use in a kitchen happens on counter tops. Make the most of this upper space with shelves and stacking boxes so you’re not only saving space, but making everything you need easily accessible. Buying dividers for your wardrobes and storage cupboards also helps things easier to access but also creates more space.

BookshelvesFind your bare bits

Look around your house and you will be surprised at the amount of empty spaces, common places include alcoves, bay windows and space under the stairs. You could store cupboards, boxes, coats or a mini office with your house phone under your stairs if the space is big enough. Even in the most unlikely of places, you could find an area for storage… Could you swap the foot stool that you currently have for one with storage inside?

Alcoves are usually good for storing CDs and DVDs and books and that extra space under a bay windows is good for storing furniture so that you have extra space in the rest of the room.

Becky’s house is rather small, so she is always looking for ways to maximise space. She found out that lighting can make a room appear bigger, so invested in some mirrors and lighting from

Image credit: Bookshelves

Seat Storage


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