The Backpacking Guide: Natural Fibres


When it comes to clothing material, natural fibres are the absolute best options for comfort and can also be the height of luxury. Things like wool, one hundred percent cotton, silk and cashmere are examples of natural fibres that can make beautiful and comfortable clothing that can last for years.

There is much more to consider when it comes to purchasing clothing than simply whether or not a particular item is fashionable right now. Anyone who has stepped foot in one of the major department stores knows that the latest styles go for a premium price. In order to make sure that a person is getting the maximum value for the money that they are spending, they will want to consider a few things like durability, especially if they are interested in their clothing lasting as long as possible without looking old and worn out after just a few washes.

Natural Fibres Are The Green Choice

Wearing my natural fibre baselayer in New Zealand

Wearing my natural fibre baselayer in New Zealand

Natural fibres are kinder to the environment because they are not manufactured with petroleum products like many synthetic fabrics are. They do not need any chemicals to be processed other than dyes to color them and even that being the case, there are plentiful natural dyes that can be used to give fibers color. They are a renewable resource that give many small farmers all over the world the opportunity to have a livelihood dedicated to producing the fibres that can be turned into clothing and fabrics used in many different industries. They are completely biodegradable unlike many synthetic fibres that are created to last a lifetime and end up in landfills unable to be broken down by natural processes.

Luxurious Properties Of Natural Fibres


Natural fibres have properties that are hard to duplicate in synthetic materials, wool provides excellent warmth even when it is wet. There are so many varieties of wool that the choices for fabrics that can be made with it are endless. From socks and pants to dresses and overcoats, wool is a smart choice that is hard to beat for versatility. Silk is lightweight and has a luxurious feel that makes it a beautiful choice for flowing cashmere garments that are the definition of femininity. It takes color so beautifully that some of the most gorgeous prints are accomplished on silk and look more like artworks than clothing. Cashmere, the wool obtained from cashmere goats is perhaps the ultimate in luxury fibre. Its softness is unparalleled and it has excellent insulating properties making it an idea material for sweaters, scarves and outerwear. The fibres are obtained from the neck region of cashmere goats and must be separated from the coarse hair that it is mixed with when it is gathered from the animals. This cahmereprocess involves more steps than the simple harvesting of wool from sheep and goats making it a more expensive material. This along with the luxurious feel of the material has made it historically popular among royalty and the upper class. Today it is more accessible with cashmere garments gracing every class of society in all parts of the world.


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